Friday, October 10, 2008

Man VS Bird VS Tomato

Unbelievable. This morning I watched as an unidentifiable bird hopped down UNDER by bird netting and then hopped up INTO my tomatoes. His two friends watched with great interest as he committed this despicable act while waiting for their turn. I spent the next 15 minutes shoring up my netting to provide maximum protection without endangering the lizards that patrol my garden for insects.

We having been picking tomatoes for a week now. Last weekend the girls helped with the harvest, which quickly turned into an Easter egg hunt-like activity. Fortunately they don't taste like chocolate eggs and plenty were left over to eat and give to family. Amber finished painting her garden bench (a "custom" green purchased at ACE) and created a trap for critters using chicken wire, tomato hoops, rope, sand, and tomato bait. Quite a contraption but no success to date. Allie spent most of the morning "water" painting a step stool. All went well until Allie unintentionally sprayed water on Amber's freshly painted bench (and me) which resulted in emotional dialogue between the two and a heartfelt "I'll never do it again" apology from Allie.

This past week I've planted more radishes, lettuce and spinach and have added broccoli and chives. Heidi's cuttings of lemon sage (great tea leaves) and chives are doing well and her cuttings of hearts and flowers (a succulent ground cover) have taken root. Chu planted hearts and flowers in our unprotected desert garden off the patio, but a troop of javelina came through a couple of nights ago and devoured ALL of them.
The weather is getting cooler and the shade covers have come off the strawberrys and peas. It is supposed to get up into the nineties again by the end of this week, but I suspect that won't last long. Absolutely gorgeous weather for gardening and hiking!


Anonymous said...

Dear Brad,
I am glad to hear the cutting took root. Goodness! I have not seen Amber in so long, I can't believe how much she has grown!

I got a big six or so tomatos this year. I never have much luck with anything but the Yellow Pear type of tomatoes in my garden.

I planted my winter garden a couple of weeks ago now. The baby seedlings are doing well. The chickens love the thinnings. And the grubs in the compost pile make them so Happy!!

Have a good week,

Cleat said...

No entry since March?!?!?! Okay, I give... was trying get an e-mail to you but no response to an old address... BTW, amber looks sooo much older now!!!