Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Huey and Louise Grow Up

Baby Huey and his sister, baby Louise, are rapidly taking over "A Small Tucson Desert Garden".  They enjoy swooping through the mesquite trees and hanging out around the fountain.  Still too young to hunt for themselves, the mother hawk keeps them fed with mice and small birds.  Normally this time of year our garden is full of small desert reptiles, birds and multiple families of quail - not so since the baby hawks arrived.  Humming birds are plentiful, since they can out maneuver hawks, and we have a family of Arizona Crested Fly Catchers, but our usual visitors have found another sanctuary. I wish the pigs (Javelina) would stay away, but no, they come through every 2-3 weeks and eat anything that holds moisture.  Our gopher snake that visited last year has come back, eyes cloudy and ready to shed his skin again.  He is well over 6 feet and hibernates in our flowerbed next to the hose faucets.  Last year at this time his mate joined him, but I haven't seen her yet.  Frankly, I have a phobia about snakes, any snake, and wish them well and far away from me.

Back to Huey, here is a recent video and photo of Huey's smaller sister on the patio:

This weekend it is suppose to reach 112 degrees - a tad hot for any living creature.  It will be interesting to see which of our usual visitors has the courage to seek refuge in our garden.

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