Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Starr Pass Vegetable Garden, Lizards and Bird Netting

Early this morning Chu and I hiked a Tucson Mountain trail next to the Star Pass Resort. A great little hike that takes only 45 minutes - just enough exercise to maintain your weight after having coffee and a delicious bowl of oatmeal on the patio balcony of the Starr Pass restaurant. While hiking, we passed a group of well heeled guests who looked upon us with puzzled expressions as we clicked our way by them with our walking poles, floppy hats and spider-like gate. Guess they don't see much of that back East.

Having read about a "chef's garden" outside of the resort's El Primo Restaurant we searched it out to see how the pros do it. It is a great little working garden that focuses primarily on tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I read in the paper recently that someone left the gate open and javalina ravaged it, but it didn't look too bad considering we are at the end of summer. Definitely check it out AND the hike if you are ever on the west side. Park on the north side of the guest parking lot on the side of the road next to the little bridge that marks the beginning of the trail. Non-guests are not allowed to use the limited guest parking - and some little guy in a golf cart will come after you if you try.

Bird netting can be lethal. About noon today I discovered a large "push up" lizard trapped in my bird netting protecting my tomatoes. I encourage lizards in my garden as they patrol the insect population. This one was really tangled up tight and was literally choking to death in the sun. It took about 10 minutes to cut him free. I'm going to have to re-think the bird netting issue.

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