Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tomato Proof

I know, I know....anyone can SAY they have a tomato, but now I have proof. I can almost feel it exploding into my mouth and the juices running down my chin. I digress.

The bird netting had tangled up another lizard during the night, so I have rolled it up and will only use it as a last measure. If I must choose between the health of the birds and lizards and a undefiled tomato crop, however, I will go with the tomatoes.

My poor snap peas are being chewed to death by a critter. I haven't been able to catch the chomper at it yet, but judging from the size of the damage it must be a decent size. I did catch one of our push up lizards pounce on a large black bug and drag it off to the desert yesterday, but it was too fast for me to identify. I sowed another variety of snap peas in one of the barrels yesterday to make sure we have plenty on hand for the winter.

This weekend our grand daughters will be having a sleep over here and I am looking forward to getting Amber Rose out into the garden. I have two old porcelain sinks filled with Mel's mix ready for her. My guess is she will pick carrots and cilantro.

The photos displayed were taken this morning in my "non-edible" desert garden. The Turks Cap under the mesquite have been blooming consistently since spring! They love the heat and shade. The purple Ruelia has also done well all over Tucson this summer.

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